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About us

Decor Excel is a single contact point which offers a range of design materials for the professional flooring and wallcovering contract market of a number of well-recognised manufacturers. This can simplifiy the development and satisfaction of any project’s creative needs.


… works closely with architects and designers, end-users, and flooring contractors, to support the co-ordination of a project.

… does not buy materials for resale into the market. We value the professionality, knowledge, and expertise of flooring contractors who are invaluable partners in the development of a brand, a project, an installation.

The brands shown on this website, with whom Decor Excel proposes creative options, are now well-known in the market, and we are proud of having developed all of them from a low level of presence and availability. One brand – Chilewich – has been successfuly developed across Europe due to our widespread contacts and local market knowledge.

All commercial and service staff are fully trained and knowledgeable in each of the brands offered. This includes design possibilities, technical support, orders/logistics, and after-sales needs.

Their professionality results in an in-depth capability of dealing with several brands and types of products in parallel, where competitors usually have a notable type of ítem that dominates others it may have. (Some major competitors have agreed with and supported our strategy by widening their range in a similar way …).