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Virag offers solutions for last generation PVC floors, in wood and laminate, in rubber, and linoleum, in the commercial sectors of contract, hospitality, industrial, nautical and sports.

In 1995 Virag introduced the line of decorative laminate PVC flooring called Evolution. This decorative finishing reproduces faithfully wood, stone, concrete, shades of iron, copper and lava.

Since 2010 Virag is a worldwide producer and distributor of Evolution Panel, the patented system of acoustic absorbing panels for wall covering and ceiling, available in 34 finishes.


Virag’s imprint in the proposed collections is immediately recognized through particular attention to product features, derived from a deep knowledge of technical floorings, and the accurate study of the decorative material.


Virag has over forty years of experience in the technology of flooring, an Italian company that is today a leading figure on European and international markets. We have in-depth knowledge of the most innovative materials and constant search for decorative effects that anticipate tastes and trends. A background of skills that has allowed VIRAG® to develop the brand Evolution, vinyl floors that excellently combine functionality and aesthetics, supported, as for all the products, by qualified and impeccable service. Virag is located near Milan.




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