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Carpet Concept

Carpet Concept develops textile surfaces for the lasting improvement of quality interiors. For 20 years, the company has set standards in the market with new materials and innovative applications. High-quality and individual floorings, woven carpets, wall and ceiling elements by Carpet Concept are manufactured with traditional techniques.


Their clear aesthetic quality decisively characterises the interior and enhances the effect of modern interior design. Owing to their particular properties such as high durability and a long service life, the products are perfectly suited for varied applications in the commercial sector.


Products by Carpet Concept bear an unmistakable hallmark resulting from the specific production methods. The brand stands equally for well-proven production methods, innovative technologies and groundbreaking design.


The high quality and exceptional design of the carpets and textiles are produced in the company’s own weaving mill in the Thuringian town of München­bernsdorf – with state-of-the-art weaving technology and painstaking handicraft. This requires skills and qualifications, which have a long-standing tradition in the textile region of Thuringia.


For Carpet Concept, manufacturing durable products implies the combination of careful production with a thorough development process. This also includes prior selection of materials of the highest possible quality and the meticulous examination of product properties.


For various products the company uses recycled materials and carries out a separation into individual material groups. Furthermore, Carpet Concept is actively involved in the ecological assessment of buildings according to the criteria of international certification standards like Green Building, breeam or LEED.