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Chilewich Contract


Always focusing on the beauty and utility of the woven fabric, Chilewich offers products from flooring to textiles for the wall, window and upholstery, giving designers freedom to use them in unexpected combinations and applications.


Made in the USA and distributed globally, Chilewich continues its tireless design and process innovations, including green initiatives, such as TerraStrand®, a phthalate-free yarn made from renewable vegetable compounds, and BioFelt®, a PVC-free floor tile backing system that can be installed without traditional adhesives.


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Here you can discover the Chilewich collection of original textiles that are durable, tough and easy to clean. These distinctive and versatile fabrics enhance retail, hospitality, healthcare and commercial interiors around the globe.


Chilewich launched contract flooring at the 2001 ICFF, and has offices in New York City with a manufacturing and main distribution facility in Chatsworth, Georgia. European distribution is handled from Madrid and Barcelona, Spain.


Creating our textiles always starts with our yarn, which we design ourselves and have extruded at the same factory that weaves our fabric. Most of our yarns have two colors on each strand. Some of our designs use up to 18 colors, which we combine in order to achieve a complex color and tone.


Our material is woven in the same factory in Alabama that we have been working with since 2000. Rolls of our custom and proprietary fabrics are then shipped to our warehouse in Chatsworth, Georgia.


We have 140,000 square feet in our own facility in Chatsworth, where we laminate custom backings onto our materials for different end uses. We also self-bind all of our rugs by hand.


We review, design and make, all of our textiles from scratch every season, every year.


We then adhere backings to our material suitable for each application…all under our watchful eye in our own manufacturing facility. All in the USA.


We create colors that you can’t pinpoint or define. We are continually experimenting with yarn development and weaving constructions. Our materials have a unique lustre that is both subtle and elegant, and bring out the best in other materials that they will live with.


Twenty years after New York designer Sandy Chilewich introduced her woven textiles to the international design community, our unique coverings for floors and walls continue to push the boundaries of form and function. The ever-evolving collection, combines innovative weaves and a distinctive color palette with extraordinary durability and easy maintenance.


Plynyl® Tile Flooring

We make our tile by bonding our signature woven textiles to either BioFelt®, an innovative backing system, or to a vinyl tile backing system. In conjunction with the new TerraStrand® fabrics, the recycled content of BioFelt® tiles now exceeds 55%. They can be installed with adhesives or with VELCRO® Brand Hook Squares, a dry installation system that can be removed without a trace.


Plynyl® W2W Flooring

Plynyl® was the name given to our flooring products when we first introduced them in 2001. And W2W is our abbreviated way of saying “wall to wall”, which is made in rolls by bonding our textiles to a soft, resilient polyurethane cushion. The cushion contains post-consumer recycled content.


Custom Floor Mats

Custom floor mats can be fabricated out of any Plynyl® W2W style either without edge binding or with a unique to Chilewich self-bound edge, made by folding the face fabric over the edge of the mat and sewing to provide a clean, finished edge.


Wall Textiles

Durable and tough, our textiles offer designers a new way to imagine vertical surfaces and are unique in being able to coordinate and match our floor coverings. Chilewich’s Wall Textiles have been used extensively by designers for hospitality and condominium properties to distinguish them from other designers, and to provide their clients with an easy-to-maintain wall treatment.


Upholstery Fabric

Chilewich upholstery fabrics are designed to provide elasticity, strength and ease of maintenance. Used for seating or panels, and window coverings, these fabrics add color and texture through their bold weave construction.


Maximize performance. Minimize impact.

Chilewich textiles are renowned for their beauty and practicality, combining original designs and distinctive colors with extraordinary durability and easy maintenance. They are the product of 20 years of continuous innovation to maximize performance and minimize environmental impact. We’re proud of this and are committed to ongoing improvements in our materials and processes.



All Chilewich yarns are made in the USA by extruding phthalate-free vinyl over a core of fiberglass or polyester. Our yarns are also free of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium.



We replaced all phthalates with a plasticizer made from soybeans, not petroleum. Using this renewable, bio-based compound results in a 40 % reduction in greenhouse gases compared to other plasticizers.



Half of all Chilewich flooring uses BioFelt: our PVC-free backing made from water bottles and other post-consumer recycled materials, renewable compounds, and post-industrial materials.



Our textiles can be washed with water and biodegradable detergents.



Our products have been tested and certified by the Green Label Plus™ and GreenGuard® programs for low VOC emissions, and they can be found in healthcare settings that include major hospitals.



Strengthened by triclosan-free antimicrobial protection, our products retain their beauty and functionality for many years, reducing energy-and cost-intensive replacement and the associated waste.



American manufacturing, from carefully sourcing polymers to ensuring that our own factory in Georgia meets or exceeds USA EPA and OSHA standards, and those of Europe, we take health and safety as seriously as we do innovation.




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