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Design, quality and respect are three important values in the Ege culture. They each play an important role when we create carpet solutions for our clients. We strive to create individual solutions that make a difference. Join us on a fascinating trip of flooring installations in beautiful locations and spaces around the world.


Ege supplies high-quality carpets.


Ege is one of Europe’s leading companies in regards to design, development and production of unique, high-quality carpets with respect for the environment.

Ege can supply contract carpets with any imaginable design and in the industry’s shortest lead time.



Ege Carpets was founded in 1938. Today, Ege Carpets is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of textile flooring. Ege’s philosophy is uncompromising: use only the latest and most advanced technology in carpet production and not be afraid to challenge convention.



The group’s primary activities are production and sales of tufted carpets for the contract and domestic markets.


In addition to our factories in Denmark, the Ege Carpets group owns subsidiaries in Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, the UK, China, and the United Arab Emirates.  Those are Ege Carpets’ key markets. Ege Carpets also has a network of agents and distributors in 48 countries.


Ege Carpets focuses primarily on the contract market:

Hotels  Offices Healthcare        Institutions        Transport




Ege has a declared intention to maintain a high level of information. Apart from annual and interim financial reports we publish annual CSR reports, which include an environmental report and Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The CSR report spans issues such as Human Rights, Sound Business Practise, Energy Projects, Consumer Issues and Production Data.




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