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USPs Colortec and Graphic vs. Axminster

Hammer Carpets was a traditional Axminster producer from the mid-1940’s until the mid-1990’s. The first Colortec loom was bought in 1995 – when the development of Colortec had reached a level that Hammer Carpets believed was superior to Axminster.

The main reasons to replace the Axminster looms with Colortec / Graphic looms are:

  • The pre-dyed yarns used for Colortec and Axminster are Colortec can use 2 ply or 3 ply yarns in a carpet
  • Production time of Colortec is generally faster than production on The standard delivery time on Colortec and Graphic 80/20 is 8-10 weeks. Standard delivery times for Axminster is 12-14 weeks
  • The durability measured as per EN1307 of the Colortec /Graphic construction is comparable with Our 80/20 in 1100 and 1300 g/m2 are class 32 and our 80/20 in 1500 and 1800 g/m2 plus all our SDN qualities are Class 33
  • Each of our Colortec looms allow us work in standard widths of 4 and 5 m with optional narrower widths down to 3 m are offered as an additional We haven’t seen any woven manufacturers being able to produce special widths. Most common width is 3.66 m. This is a strong USP for us
  • Colortec allows us to offer design options as Stucco and Accent
  • Colortec carpets can be offered with a backing in either textile or felt. Normally Axminster will need a double stick installation with the use a separate underlay
  • At Ege Carpets, the Colortec/Graphic backing facility is an integrated part of the The backing facility laminates the backing to the primary backing of the carpet. The outcome is a carpet that:
    • is extremely dimension stable offering an easier pattern match when installing rolls next to each other
    • offers a very low total weight per m2 making it easier for the installer to handle
    • can be handled and bended harder without getting cracked or This is considered a great advantage during transportation and when the carpets are folded in elevators or staircases.