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2 new ReForm collections: Heritage & Discovery

Novel looks inspired by craftsmanship and interrelated systems

Continuing the transformation of former and bestselling Slo collections from Carpet Concept, we proudly introduce ReForm Heritage (Slo 153) and ReForm Discovery (Slo 130-134). Both collections are produced in regenerated and regenerable yarn and fitted with our patented Ecotrust felt backing. Since Heritage and Discovery are Cradle-to-Cradle Certified®, they’re the perfect choice for any more sustainable and aesthetically optimised project. Online launch 12 October 2021.

ReForm Heritage

The traditional, hand-crafted look is the focal point of this member of the ReForm family. The random yet harmonious unevenness of the multidimensional loop design reflects the ability of the craftmanship to appear unique. Heritage is a mottled design, and the 21 colour variants have varying contrast effects. Some surfaces are therefore more vividly executed than others, which is yet another striking detail of the collection. All colours reflect the yarn’s discrete sheen, adding understated luxury to the interior project, whether fitting out a hotel, an office or another type of venue.

ReForm Discovery

Seen from above, the Earth is a perfect system. On an individual level, the different natural phenomena may seem incompatible, but from a bird’s eye view it’s clear that they’re closely related and very adaptable. ReForm Discovery interprets the integrated systems created by both humans and nature in 5 patterns: Planet, Earth, Network, Net and Cliffs. Be aware, that while Planet, Earth and Network are available in 48×48 and 96×96 cm tiles, 24×96 cm planks and wall-to-wall carpet, Net and Cliffs are available in 96×96 cm tiles and wall-to-wall carpet only due to the scale of the designs. Each design comes in 5 colour groups that are carefully selected for their ability to create unique compositions.



  • Designs: 1 Heritage design in 21 colours / 5 Discovery designs in 5 colour groups
  • Multi-level loop constructions
  • Tiles, planks, wall-to-wall carpet and Figura – except Net and Cliffs from Discovery that come in 96×96 cm tiles and wall-to-wall carpet only
  • 48×48 cm tiles and wall-to-wall carpet: no minimum order
  • 96×96 cm tiles, 24×96 cm planks and Figura: from 40 m2 per size/design/colour
  • Performance areas: EN1307 standard/Class 33 – Commercial – Heavy usage
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified® and compliant with Indoor Air Comfort Gold
  • Dispatch within 2 weeks from receipt of order for 48×48 cm tiles, 24×96 cm planks and wall- to-wall carpet
  • Dispatch within 3 weeks from receipt of order for 96×96 cm tiles and Figura
  • 48-hour sample service (eco-friendly shipping option 5-7 days within Europe)

Materials supporting this collection

  • See more images on and download hi-res images from the image container: ReForm Heritage / ReForm Discovery
  • Brochures: no Heritage brochure / Discovery (8052101)
  • Architect folders: Heritage (8041078) / Discovery, brochure (8041079)
  • Heritage samples:

SA713300016 ReForm Heritage hand collection 16×16

SA7133xxx48 ReForm Heritage 48×48 tile single samples (standard colours)

SA7133xxx02 ReForm Heritage 20×30 WT single samples (standard colours)

  • Discovery samples:

SA713500016 ReForm Discovery hand collection 16×16

SA7135xxx48 ReForm Discovery 48×48 tile single samples of Planet, Earth and Network (standard colours)

SA7135xxx96 ReForm Discovery 96×48 (½ 96×96) tile single samples of Net and Cliffs (standard colours)